Students who have passed the qualifying examination and who have submitted the final copies at the Office of Graduate Studies (SPG) within the maximum regimental period, may request to defend the Master’s or Doctoral degree.

Ethics Commission – All research projects to obtain Master’s and/or Doctoral degrees must be submitted to the ICB’s Ethics Commission for Research on Humans or Laboratory Animals. A copy of the protocol must be included in all copies of the Master’s Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation submitted to the SPG/ICB.

Deadline for Submitting Copies of Thesis/Dissertation

  • MASTER’S DEGREE: 30 months
  • DOCTORATE WITH MASTER’S DEGREE: 48 months or 60 months (48 months for students active on 17 May 2005 and who opted to change the deadline; 60 months for those who enrolled after this date.)
  • DIRECT DOCTORATE: 60 months or 72 months (60 months for students active on 17 May 2005 and who opted to change the deadline; 72 months for those who enrolled after this date.)

As determined by the Graduate Studies Commission (22 June 2005), according to guidelines of the Dean’s Office of Graduate Studies (Pró-Reitoria de Pós-Graduação): “From this date forward, copies of Theses and Dissertations destined to the Library, after defense thereof, cannot be corrected. In the event there is an indication of the Judging Commission for such procedure, the student shall provide a new copy with the respective corrections, which should be submitted in the Library to be attached to the original copy sent by the Office of Graduate Studies. The new copy must convey the information that the document is a revised edition.”

* For Master’s Degree students who enrolled in or after January 2008: It is recommended to submit to the Program’s Graduate Studies Office, along with the suggestion of the examination panel, at least one QualisA paper (SUBMITTED or ACCEPTED) as lead author. This work should be related to the Master’s thesis.

Number of copies required:

Master’s degree: eight (8) copies
Doctorate: twelve (12) copies

As determined by CoPGr Resolution 5401 of 18 April 2007, a pdf version of the thesis/dissertation must be submitted along with the hard copies.

The indication of the Judging Committee must have been approved within 60 days from the submission of the thesis or dissertation. After this period, the designation of the Judging Commission, or any change in the composition of the one already approved by the CPG, is the responsibility of the Board of Standards and Appeals of the Graduate Studies Office.

The deadline for defense of thesis or dissertation will be ninety days, counted from the approval of the judging committee by the Graduate Studies Commission.

§ 1.  Failure to meet the deadline established immediately above shall result in the loss of the right of defense.

a) The covers of theses and dissertations are standardized and can be obtained at the ICB Library.

b) Copies must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies by the last business day prior to the deadline for submitting of copies, if such deadline falls on a weekend, holiday and optional days officially set by the civil calendar and by the Institution.
c) Documents required for submitting Copies at the Office of Graduate Studies:

– Copies of Thesis or Dissertation containing the Library Catalog Sheet issued by the ICB Library and Protocol of the ICB Research Ethics Commission;

– Advisor’s declaration of consent;
– Completion of the Form of the USP Cultural Heritage Commission;
– Summary of the purpose of the paper for dissemination purposes.

Composition of the Judging Committee – the CPG/ICB is responsible for nominating the members of the Judging Committee:
I. All members nominated to compose the Judging Committees for Theses and Dissertations must have a Doctoral degree.

II. In the composition of the Judging Committee, a non-faculty member elected by at least two thirds of the members of the CPG may be nominated. At most, one non-faculty member for Master’s Degree and two non-faculty members for Doctoral degrees will be allowed.

III. Participation of the candidate’s relatives (up to the third degree of kinship) on the Thesis or Dissertation Judging Committee is forbidden.