Selection Process

To participate in the selection process, the student must initially choose a research line / guide of the Program,
available at http://sites.usp.br/biocel-tecidual/informacoes-gerais/orientadores/ and make an appointment with the potential advisor;
If the faculty member agrees to advise the student, it is suggested that the interested party undertake a short
internship in the chosen Research Laboratory to familiarize with the infrastructure and research projects.



If the candidate is abroad, this test can be applied by an international Institution indicated by the Program; b) as an alternative, the candidate can go through <strong>GRE Subject test (biology)</strong> that is conducted by Educational Testing Service ETS, and scores over 70 percentile will be selected. Specific subjects can be suggested, check with<a href=”mailto:ppg.biocelular@usp.br”> the Graduate Program</a>.

The University of São Paulo also has a special selection process through GRE and the ongoing process can be found at Graduation Pro Vost site.


The selection process for the Graduate Program in Cell and Tissue Biology – levels of Master’s, Doctorate and
Doctorate Direct, happens 3 times a year, usually in the months of March, August and November.

It is also necessary that the candidate be proficient in English, which must be proven according to the norms published
in the Call for Applications/Edital;

The Call for Registration for the Selection process will be available in Portuguese through this site.
(http://sites.usp.br/biocel-tecidual/ingresso-2/aluno-regular/processo-seletivo/) . The call will contain additional
information on documents required for registration, proofs, payment of fees, dates of tests and validity of the approval
in the selection process.

Typically, you´ll need:
1) Proof of proficiency in English
2) Copy of Passport with the Visa
3) Copy of Birth Certificate
4) Copy of official undergraduate Course Transcript with grades; if applying for the PhD program, the transcript for the Master´s course as well.
5)Copy of the thesis proposal project (written jointly with the potential advisor)- 10 pages maximum
6) Leter of acceptance by the future advisor.
7) Copy of Undergraduate diploma (also the Master´s diploma for PhD candidates). If the original diploma is not in
English or Spanish, it must be accompanied by a certified translation.
8) Copy of Master´s Thesis (for PhD candidates)
9) Written test results above 5,0. The written test in Cell, Tissue and Developmental Biology is offered in our Department 7 days prior to each Selection process and the grade is valid for 9 months.