Direct Conversion from Master’s to PhD


This can only be applied for during the qualifying examination at the request of the advisor. In this case, justification and proposal for complementation of the project for the Doctorate must be attached. The Examination Panel shall have at least one member from outside the Program and, if in agreement, shall issue a detailed opinion on this request.

The Commission on Graduate Studies may allow the passage from a Masters Program to a Direct Doctorate Program, provided the following conditions are met:

·        passing, with excellence, by unanimous vote of the Examination Panel of the Qualifying Examination for the Master’s Program;

·        issuance by the Examination Panel of an opinion on the possibility of changing from Master to Direct Doctorate, based on Research Project submitted by the candidate;

·        opinion (justification) of the Advisor regarding the request;

·        Formal letter with the student’s request.

Students whose application has been approved must meet the requirements of credits in the courses and activities of the Doctoral Program. The new deadline for program completion will be computed as of the entry into the Master’s Program. The change of course does not exempt the student from the Qualifying Examination required in the Doctoral Program.