Business Ethics & Corporate Crime Research Universidade de São Paulo
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South-South Cooperation


Latin American and African Studies – Research lines:

1. Supply chain managment and modern slavery in rural Latin America and Africa

Proposes on supply chain management, as blockchain technology and third-part certification, did not produced relevant effects on agricultural dynamics yet. Despite many legal reforms and agriculture techniques replacement, violence and fraud remain common on rural work in Latin America and Africa. Analyzing different regional scenarios and ways of production, we are developing a new propose of modern slavery risk assesment.


2. Peacebuilding and social justice

Latin Americas criminology has been developing an important role understading authoritarisms and private interestings.

SAAD-DINIZ, Eduardo. Justiça de Transição Corporativa: a nova geração de estudos transicionais. REVISTA BRASILEIRA DE CIÊNCIAS CRIMINAIS, v. 167, p. 71-128, 2020.


3. New platforms and its impact on social justice and criminal justice

IT have created a new range of opportunities and threats to economic development and criminal policy, especially on underdeveloped countries. We’ve been discussing the necessity of new standards for regulation, the risks for democracy and a new role for civil society. (See more)