Comparative Embryology of Marine Invertebrates 2023

CEBIMar-USP (Aug. 7-20)

São Sebastião, SP, Brazil


CEMI 2023 instructors in alphabetical order:

Alvaro Migotto – CEBIMar (cnidarian/invertebrate systematics)

André Morandini – ZOO-IB-USP (cnidarian systematics)

Augusto Flores – CEBIMar (larval ecological dynamics)

Federico Brown – ZOO-IB-USP (tunicate/nematode/platyhelminthes evo-devo)

Kirsten Koenig – HARVARD (cephalopod eye development and evolution)

Sônia Andrade – GENÉTICA-IB-USP (nemerteans and computational biology)

Vinicius Queiroz – FISIO-IB-USP (echinoderm blood cells)

Number of students: 14

Languages: Official language of the course is English, with occasional Portuguese


For course syllabus (in Portuguese and English), place ‘BIZ5765’ in the box “Sigla da Disciplina” in the USP graduate course catalog below:



Application steps:

  1. All interested students (USP and non-USP students) should fill in the following Google Form by June 7th (includes paragraph of intent, which explains why you are interested in attending the course and how the course could benefit your ongoing research):

  1. Accepted students will be informed by June 9th.
  2. Accepted students will need to confirm their participation in the course by June 23th.
  3. Students in the waiting list may be called until the first week of July.
  4. After the pre-selection process above, only accepted students that have confirmed their participation will be directed to officially register for the course in July via official USP registration.

Registration costs: R$ 0 for USP students (alunos regulares), R$50 (approx. US$10) for all other students (alunos especiais).

Accommodation costs at CEBIMar (Aug. 7-20): R$546 (approx. US$110)

Estimated meal plan (Aug. 7-20): approx. R$780 (approx. US$160), final cost of meal plan will be determined upon acceptance to the course.


All course participants are expected to cover all costs of travel to the USP main campus in São Paulo from their city of origin before and after the course.

Bus round trip will be provided from the USP main campus in São Paulo to CEBIMar in São Sebastião before and after the course.

We are in the process of raising funds to help defray costs of accommodation and meals to all accepted students. However, if enough funding cannot be raised, financial assistance will be provided to students based on necessity.


For further info please contact: