Short courses

Fundamentals of extracting information from data, machine learning, pattern recognition, fundamentals of databases and high-performance computing, as well as applications of data science  to real problems.

Advances in Kernel Machine LearningStéphane Canu
Big Data Systems and AnalyticsLing Liu
Data Science for Social Good (to be confirmed)
Deep LearningZhangyang (Atlas) Wang
Computing in the Continuum: Harnessing a Pervasive Data EcosystemManish Parashar
Runtime Data Analytics in Computational ScienceAlvaro Coutinho
Error Estimation for Pattern recognitionUlisses M. Braga Neto
Genomic SciencesJoão Carlos Setubal
Nonparametric Models and Causal Inference in Economics and Social SciencesSergio Pinheiro Firpo
Big data sets in astronomyŽeljko Ivezić



Specific issues on information retrieval, probabilistic boolean networks, perception and 3D Mapping, open science and big data.

Data Engineering and Data Science: A Case Study on Opinion MiningAltigran Soares da Silva
Probabilistic Boolean Networks: The Modeling and Control of Gene Regulatory NetworksEdward R. Dougherty
Perception and 3D Mapping for Self-Driving VehiclesLuc Vincent
Open Science and Research Data Management - Challenges and PerspectivesClaudia Bauzer Medeiros
How “Big Data” impacted Atmospheric Sciences?Pedro Leite da Silva Dias


Visionary talk: Math, Data Science and Social Impact

Discussions and reflections about the impact of mathematical fundamentals on data science based on concrete challenges and perspectives for social good.

One-minute lightning session for Students

School participants will present their research using the “one minute strategy”. This session will provide the opportunity for attendees to interact with each other and present their work to a large audience.

Research Infrastructure at USP

Presentation of visionary data science activities and research infrastructure at USP.

Networking and Social activities

Attendees and guest speakers will have ample opportunity to interact and share experiences in a non-formal environment. Two musical presentations are scheduled as part of the social activities.