Cultural Activities in São Paulo during SPSAS on Learning from Data


As part of the program of the São Paulo School of Advanced Science (SPSAS) on Learning from Data, we expect participants to interact and share experiences in a non-formal environment. With the goal of providing this environment, the school organising committee has organised two days of cultural activities in the city,  on August 3rd and 4th (Saturday and Sunday, respectively). Some of these activities might have a limited number of participants. The activities are free for everyone except for the food during lunch and dinner.

Please, bring your badge during all activities and exact change for buying subway tickets (R$4,30 each).


Events on Saturday (August 3rd)

The schedule and a summary of activities for August 3rd are listed below.

On Saturday morning:

Important notice: The morning tour is only available for the first 40th attendees who filled the online form and confirmed personally until August 2nd. If you did not confirmed personally or want alternatives, we have a list of suggestions at the bottom of this page.

From Go Inn: 8:30 am at the hotel
From Quality: 8:40 am at the hotel

10:00am – Meeting at Alto do Ipiranga subway station hall.

10:00am ~ 2:00pm – Tour “The University of São Paulo and the Modernist São Paulo” by Giro Cultural da USP.
The itinerary seeks to offer visitors a distinct look and reading about the implantation of modernism in the city of São Paulo, in its multiple dimensions (architectural, urban, economic, sociocultural, and political), highlighting the passage from the nineteenth century to the apex of the consolidation of the modernist project in the city of São Paulo, in the 1950s. 
We count on a team of mediators composed by historians, anthropologists, sociologists and architects, besides a guide with register in the Ministry of Tourism. The entire route is covered in a bus equipped with multimedia features for use during the tour. The tour ends at Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC), close to Ibirapuera park. More information (in Portuguese):

2:30am ~ 3:30pm – Lunch at the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art (MAM) restaurant (

3:30pm ~ 5:00pm – Stroll at Ibirapuera Park.
Ibirapuera Park has multiple attractions, from outdoor sports to museums. More information about attractions can be found at:


Events on Sunday (August 4th)

The schedule and a summary of activities for August 4th is listed below.

On Sunday morning:

From Go Inn: 8:30 am at the hotel
From Quality: 8:40 am at the hotel

10:00am – Meeting at SESC Paulista.

10:00am ~ 2:00pm – Walk at the Paulista Avenue and lunch.
On this activity we propose to walk through Paulista Avenue. This avenue is closed to vehicles every Sunday, which allows people to walk, ride bikes and skate board in the middle of the avenue; also on this day, many street artists come to perform at the avenue. We also propose to visit Casa das Rosas, a French style mansion constructed in 1935, and SESC Paulista, a building with many cultural attractions and an observation deck at 17th floor from where you can see the Paulista Avenue.

On Sunday afternoon:

From Go Inn: 2pm at the hotel
From Quality: 2:15pm at the hotel

3:00pm ~ 7:00pm – Walk at the Paulista Avenue and dinner.
The same activities as the one from 10am to 2pm.


Suggested cultural activities


Fo Guang Shan Temple Zu Lai –
Odsal Ling –
Arautos do Evangelho ( and

Local culture places:

Batman’s Alley – 


List of Museums –


Photographic Tour:
Walking Tour:


Finally, do not forget to share pictures from the cultural activities on social media with the tag: #SPSAS2019