Degree in Public Health

Degree  in Public Health

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Preventive actions and healthcare promotion are the basic points of the undergraduate course in Public Health, which was approved by the University of São Paulo in 2010, and started in 2012. With 40 vacancies opened per year, it is an eight-semester course given in the afternoon. The course egress is granted the Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health, which is oriented towards the harms to the population’s health; thus, it is closely related to the subjects that study health while a collective phenomenon made up by historical, demographic, epidemiological, social, political, and environmental aspects.

  • Admission

Admission to the undergraduate course in Public Health is done through a selection process given annually by FUVEST (Foundation for University Entrance Exams).

For further information, please, go to the site of FUVEST (text in Portuguese).
All undergraduate courses offered by the University of São Paulo are free.