• Post last modified:26/08/2020
Record of part of the website under construction.

Scientific Initiation PIBIC Project entitled Democratizing Machine Learning by undergraduate student Lucas Nunes (Molecular Sciences USP), supervised by Bruno Moreschi (FAUUSP) and Fabio G. Cozman (USP’s Polytechnic School). The objective is to create a complementary teaching material for undergraduate students in the field of machine learning and AI.

It was identified that much of what is learned in the field comes from an online Coursera course, and here we intend to offer new teaching perspectives, including references that are more related to the Global South, and that also discuss the social implications of these practices and tools. The result will be a web platform with accessible interactive reading topics and completely free content.

Participants: Lucas Nunes, Bruno Moreschi and Fabio G. Cozman.