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One of the workshops in the GAIA space.

Event held from February 5th to 7th at GAIA and the USP Institute for Advanced Studies. There were three days of presentations and collective work with art and Artificial Intelligence researchers, with an emphasis on those who research in contexts of the Global South. This project was supported by the Center for Arts, Design and Social Research and Pedro Barbosa. The seminar and workshops were free and open to the public. A publication and a website with the discussions held at the event will be launched by the end of 2020.

Organizers: Katherine Ye, Dalida Maria Benfield, Gabriel Pereira and Bruno Moreschi.

Speakers: Silvana Bahia (Olabi), Sabelo Mhlambi (Berkman-Klein Center e Carr Center for Human Rights), Jennifer Lee (ACLU Washington), Didiana Prata (FAUUSP), Giselle Beiguelman (FAUUSP), Katherine Ye (Microsoft Research), Amanda Chevtchouk, Tais Oliveira (Núcleo de Estudos Africanos e Afro-brasileiros), Dalida Maria Benfield (CAD+SR), Rafael Grohmann (Unisinos), Gabriel Pereira (Universidade de Aarhus), Bruno Moreschi + Guilherme Falcão + Bernardo Fontes and Rodrigo Ochigame (MIT).

Workshops: Bernardo Fontes, Lucas Nunes, Rafael Tsuha, Gabriel Lemos e André Damião.

Official page of the event.

Promotion of the Institute for Advanced Studies (IEA USP)

Video of the talks on the first day.

Video of the talks on the second day.

Video of the talks on the third day.