• Post last modified:26/08/2020

Set of academic and artistic experiences aiming to investigate the behavior of commercial AIs in the face of works of art images and artistic contexts. As these tools are not trained to classify artistic content, inaccuracies are frequent and, many times, they offer us algorithms that level artistic subjectivity to capitalist logic or even poetic results pertinent to the field of institutional criticism.The first project took place in 2018 at the Dutch Van Abbemuseum and was conducted by Gabriel Pereira and Bruno Moreschi, even before the emergence of GAIA. The results were:

Short film Recoding Art.

Academic article (pre-print) Ways of Seeing with Computer Vision: Artificial Intelligence and Institutional Critique.

With the beginning of GAIA, experiments with the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona – MACBA (in the context of the event CtrlZ.AI, Flowers by Bornay, Barcelona) and of the USP’s Museum of Contemporary Art – MAC USP were also carried out. Both experiments resulted in zines, held collectively in workshops coordinated by researchers Lucas Nunes and Rafael Tsuha:

A Crack inside the museum – MACBA.

A Crack inside the museum – MAC.

Participants: Gabriel Pereira, Bruno Moreschi, Lucas Nunes, Guilherme Falcão, Rafael Tsuha, Bernardo Fontes and Gabriel Lemos.