• Post last modified:25/11/2020
Comparative between a printed catalog, a viewing room and a virtual store

This project main focus is to research different aspects of art institutions digital architecture through practical development, case studies and bibliographic research. The project is propelled by the crescent virtualization of art institutions on recent decades. The main basis of this research has been carried out together with the MAC USP team, which has storically stablished itself as a space at the forefront of dematerialization and digitalization of art in Brazil. Other actions related to the project are:

  • The expography of the exhibition for the online seminar organized by the postgraduate students from UNESP Arts Institute, Emergências*, 2020;
  • The study of the equivalence between editorial and online design, with the development of at least one book-exhibition;
  • Other online exhibition projects;
  • The production of scientific articles dedicated the research and its adjacent themes.

Participants: Andrey Koens, Giselle Beiguelman e Bruno Moreschi.