Group of Innovation in Medical Instrumentation and Ultrasound (GIIMUS)
Department of Physics
Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences, and Letters of Ribeirao Preto
University of São Paulo

Founded in 2004, GIIMUS is composed of people with heterogeneous majors in science and biology. The main areas of research are biomedical instrumentation and signal processing. Examples of technologies are the development and adaptation of ultrasonic and magnetic sensors for biological applications and biological tissue characterization using ultrasonic techniques and magnetic measurements. The main focus of the group is to develop non-invasive technologies using non-ionizing energy focused on human health.

GIIMUS lab is composed of two principal investigators, one technician specialized in ultrasonic instrumentation, undergraduate and graduate students, and partial technical support of the Department of Physics for electronics, mechanics, and TI. The laboratories sum an area of approximately 100 m² with the following infrastructure:

  • 2 automated acoustic tanks
  • Photoacoustic imaging laboratory
  • 1 electronic workbench
  • High-frequency power amplifiers
  • 1 GE ultrasound system
  • 3 Ultrasonix ultrasound systems
  • 1 Magnetic Hyperthermia device
  • 1 Viscosimeter
  • National Instruments boards for acquisition and hardware control
  • Needle and membrane hydrophones
  • Lock-in amplifiers
  • Function generators and oscilloscopes
  • Chemistry workbench for making phantoms