The GIIMUS laboratory aims to develop research in the fields of biomedical  instrumentation and signal processing. We are especially interested in applying ultrasonic waves associated with magnetism and optics to develop new medical diagnostic and therapeutical procedures.

The research fields are:

1 – Biomedical Instrumentation – This area includes the development and characterization of transducers and building protocols and analysis measures to support the control of human health … more

2 – Elastography – Ultrasound imaging is a noninvasive and effective method for medical diagnosis. The ultrasound elastography is a new medical imaging modality able to evaluate the stiffness of human tissue … more

3 – Acoustic radiation force – Characteristics  nonlinear propagation of acoustic waves and ultrasonic mechanical vibrational response of structures inside the medium are explored as a device for imaging at frequencies on the order of kilohertz (kHz), from input with ultrasonic waves in order MHz … more

4 – Magnetoacoustography (Magneto Motive Ultrasound) – This technique involves excitation of a target or labeled medium with micro magnetic particles by applying an alternating magnetic field and measuring the displacement of the internal structures of medium by acoustic techniques … more

5 – Photoacoustic and acousto-optics – The photoacoustic effect, in which sound is generated due to the absorption of light by a material, provides access to a type of medical imaging with unique features. These images can represent both physiological events in the body, as indicating the molecular composition of a tissue … more

6 – Simulation of Biological Tissues (Phantom) – The need and interest from health professionals conduct training in clinical procedures with high risk, before acting directly on the patient has grown along with the technological development in health … more