Enrollment procedures

The enrollment periods are simultaneously open to IOUSP students, students from other USP Units and other Universities. The procedures to be adopted are:

  • Students from IOUSP and other USP units: through the Internet (JANUS);
  • Students entering the IOUSP: enrollment directly at the Graduate Office (SPG);
  • Students from other Universities: enrollment directly in the SPG, presenting necessarily student declaration (issued by the Office of the Institution of origin of the student), letter of the advisor and registration form for a special student, addressed to the chair of the Graduation / IOUSP, requesting enrollment in discipline. The student will be considered a SPECIAL STUDENT;
  • Interested parties that do not have any link with any graduate course: enrollment directly in the SPG requiring, necessarily, proof that the student is a graduate student (presentation of a diploma or certificate of completion) and consultation of the interested party with the responsible teacher by discipline, which should manifest its agreement in receiving the student in the discipline. The student will be considered a SPECIAL STUDENT.

General information

Enrollment is mandatory for all active students in the program during all phases.  Failure to do so will result in the student’s immediate removal of enrollment status.

  • Each credit corresponds to 15 hours of programmed activities;
  • Periods of enrollment (during the academic semester and in disciplines) and cancellation of enrollments are non-extendable;
  • Several disciplines have, as part of their programmatic content, field activity (with different duration, usually with about 5 days long). Consult the teacher responsible for the discipline for more information;
  • Most courses have between 5 and 15 students vacancies. At the end of the enrollment periods, if the minimum number of interested parties is not reached, the teacher responsible for the discipline will be responsible for deciding whether or not to offer it. At the end of each enrollment period, consult the SPG to confirm the offer of the course;
  • The minimum frequency for approval is 75% of the total classes;
  • The final evaluation is expressed through concepts (approval: “A”, “B” or “C”, disapproval: “R”).

USP Enrollment Period available on JANUS

In addition to the documents already submitted in the admission, the following will be required for enrollment:

  • Photo 3×4 cm
  • Copy of Electoral Document;
  • Copy of the Certificate of Reservation (for males);
  • Copy of the Diploma of Undergraduation (front and back);
  • Copy of the Master’s Diploma (front and back, item required only for PhD students);
  • Copy of Undergraduation School records;
  • Copy of the Master’s records (only for Doctoral students);
  • Application for Initial Enrollment