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Country of Production: Brasil

Release Year: 2020

Format: Augmented Reality

Synopsis: An experience in augmented reality that addresses how we communicate and what devices we use to expand our knowledge through the History of Industrial Revolutions. Made with the Jandig platform, an open source art community in augmented reality.

Direction: Almir Almas

Realization: LabArteMídia – Laboratório de Arte, Mídia e Tecnologias Digitais

Objects Authors: Carol Berger, Deisy Fernanda, Fernando Lamanna, Gisele Frederico, Gustavo Bucker, Ivone Vantini, Luis Angerami, Roderick Steel e Almir Almas

Augmented Reality Technology Tool: Jandig.ARte – VJ pixel, Pablo Diego Silva, Paloma Oliveira, Hebert Valois; e bolsistas: Ana Clara Forcelli, Gustavo Reis, Lucca Eppinger e Sofia Sillos Alonso

Markers author: Hebert Valois

Developers: memeLab e LabArteMídia