Department of Biotechnology Engineering College of Lorena

Science of Impact Award


The Department of Biotechnology, through its department council, conferred the “Science of Impact in Biotechnology” award to Prof. Dr. Elisson Antônio da Costa Romanel, for co-authoring the article with the highest impact factor of the department in 2015. The article, entitled “The floral transcriptome of Eucalyptus grandis”, by KJ Vining, E Romanel, RC Jones, A Klocko, M Alves-Ferreira et al., was published in the journal New Phytologist, whose impact factor in JCR is 7.7.


The Department also awarded the “Honorable Mention” to Prof. Dr. Sílvio Silvério da Silva, for co-authoring the article of highest impact factor with co-authorship of department’s graduate students in 2015. The article, entitled “Biodelignification of lignocellulose substrates: An intrinsic and sustainable pretreatment strategy for clean energy production”, by AK Chandel, BCM Goncalves, JL Strap and SS da Silva, was published in the journal Critical Reviews in Biotechnology, whose JCR impact factor is 7.2.