Technical-Scientific Lines of Action


This line of research includes studies addressing social activities and relationships and the daily context of children and youths in addition to the professional occupational therapy practice.

In this sense, it discusses the challenges imposed to professional practice when assisting children and youths experiencing difficulties to be included in society or to access education, culture, the right to play, social protection, and the conditions that are essential for their full development and participation in social life.

The studies in this line of research include the development of strategies, methods, and resources within the occupational therapy practice to address challenges and overcome social exclusion, promoting the rights and participation of children and youths in daily activities that support community life. The studies also include those addressing professional practice in the fields of health, social work, education, culture, and arts.

Permanent Professors:
 Elizabeth Freire de Araújo Lima,
Marie Claire Sekkel,
Maria Paula Panúncio Pinto,
Marta Carvalho de Almeida,
Sandra Maria Galheigo

Collaborating Professors:
Adriana Marcondes Machado
Eucenir Fredini Rocha





This line of research is composed of studies addressing the practice of occupational therapists intending to expand the opportunities of social participation among adult and elderly individuals with limitations to perform daily living activities, activities in the community, or/and are estranged from social and support networks, with consequences for their lives within the community and social insertion.

In this sense, these studies address the challenges imposed on the practice of occupational therapists dealing with individual and collective consequences of social exclusion processes taking place in community contexts or territories. The studies address the development, and qualification of occupational therapy strategies, methods, and devices supporting individuals and the collective in different spheres of daily life such as self-care and taking care of others, coexistence, work, community, and social life, and guarantee of civil rights.

The studies in this line of research involve professional practices in the fields of health, social work, education, social security, work, culture, and arts.

Permanent Professors
Carla da Silva Santana
Denise Dias Barros
Eliane Dias Castro
Fátima Corrêa Oliver
Maria Helena M. de Almeida
Regina Célia Fiorati
Rosé Colom Toldrá 

Collaborating Professors
Fernanda S. Nicácio               


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