What is a Professional Master’s Degree?

A Professional Master’s degree is a stricto sensu graduate training modality.

As established by the MEC Normative Ordinance No. 17 from December 28th, 2009, a professional master’s degree mainly focuses on a specific professional area. It’s objective is to enable professionals to ground their practice on the scientific method to study and devise solutions for professional practice problems. In this sense, it is associated with efforts to improve the quality of public and private organizations and institutions by proposing a transformation in various spheres such as working processes, procedures, or technologies and methods. Final projects and studies developed by the students within the program are supposed to be guided by these objectives.

Graduates earn a master’s degree and can pursue a professional or academic doctoral program.

CAPES – Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel of the Ministry of Education and Culture regularly evaluates accredited professional master’s programs, based on the requirements provided for in the law – Resolution CNE/CES No. 1/2001, as amended by Resolution CNE/CES No. 24/2002.

Decree MEC No. 389, from March 23rd, 2017
Decree CAPES No. 131, from June 28th, 2017.