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Special Student

Enrollment as Special Student

A special student is the one registered in isolated courses, not linked to the program. It is important to point out that the master’s degree or doctor’s degree regular student can request the use of the credits previously obtained as a special student during the 36 months before becoming a regular student. The registration as a special student is carried out twice a year, according to the EPUSP school calendar. For enrolling, the student will need:

Documents for application:

a) Registration form filled out and with the signature of the professors in charge of the course (make personal contact justifying the need for taking the course) allowing the registration as a special student (available at the local or as a downloadable PDF).
b) Copy of documents. For Brazilians: ID Card; CPF (Individual Taxpayer’s Number), Military discharge card or equivalent document; Voter ID card. For foreigners: copy of a valid passport with temporary or permanent visa.
c) Copy of the undergraduate diploma or certificate of completion of and undegraduate course.
d) Copy of the undergraduate student’s transcript.
e) Curriculum, preferably in the Lattes-CNPq format.
d) Copy of the master’s degree student’s transcript.