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Pós-graduação em Engenharia Química Escola Politécnica da USP
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Regular Enrollment

Enrollment as a regular student

The registration will take place in accordance with the dates provided for in the Notice, at the Chemical Engineering Department Office of EPUSP, located at Av. Prof. Lineu Prestes, 580, Bloco 18, São Paulo, SP. To register as a REGULAR STUDENT of the program, the applicant shall: 1) have passed the admission process. 2) have a program adviser, who has to sign the registration form. See Calendar for enrolment dates.

Required documents:
a) Application for the registration (available at the place or as a downloadable PDF)
b) Document of the “Student’s Activity Plan”, according to the model.
c) Certificates of completion of an undergraduate course (for the applicants for Master’s degree) or of a graduate course (for the applicants for doctor’s degree) that have not been handed over at the adminssion.
d) For foreigners, a copy of the passport with a temporary or permanent visa, if that has not been handed over at the application.

Alternatively, the applicant that passed the admission process can register as a special student, temporarily without an adviser, in order to take some disciplines. Within the valid period of the admission process (1 year), the special student may, with the approval of the adviser, request to be considered as a regular student. According to the Graduate Program Internal Regulation, the credits obtained as a special student in the 36 months that precede the enrolment as a regular student can be used.