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Pós-graduação em Engenharia Química Escola Politécnica da USP
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The PEQ-EPUSP – Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering of the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo – has been training teachers, researchers and professionals for more than forty-five years. The excellency of the program is recognized by the CAPES (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education- Personnel Foundation), which has assigned score 7 to the program (the maximum). During its history, more than 600 Masters and 300 Doctors have been trained by the PEQ-EPUSP.

The PEQ-EPUSP has as its main goal to train people that thoroughly master their field of knowledge and are able to lead and innovate, for them to actively participate in the production of knowledge geared to current and future demands in Brazilian society in the field of chemical engineering. In order to achieve such goal, the PEQ-EPUSP possesses a sophisticated laboratory infrastructure, associated with research groups and centers of national and international renown, some of which had originated in the very program.

Thus, the PEQ-EPUSP works very close to society in general, through key projects funded by development agencies and companies. The aim of such projects is to contribute to solve technically relevant problems, and always take into account the social and environmental aspects thereof.

The University of São Paulo can offer a wide variety of scientific and cultural opportunities, because of its quality and global reputation. The University has been considered the first in the Latin American University Ranking of The Times Higher Education. The PEQ students generally participate in interchanges with other first class universities abroad in order to carry out part of their studies, and in some cases, to get a double diploma.

Besides that, the USP is fully integrated into the environment of one of the most motivating metropolis of the world.