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Labs and Research Centers

The USP-EP-PEQ is associated with important Laboratories and Research Centers, which provide the conditions required in order to carry out very advanced studies under suitable funding conditions.

Some of such laboratories are:

  • LAREX -Laboratory of Recycling, Waste Treatment and Extraction
  • Genbio – Laboratory of Biological Processes Engineering
  • LEA – Laboratory for the Study of the Bases of Food Engineering
  • LSCP – Laboratory of Process Simulation and Control
  • AdOx – Research in Advanced Oxidation Processes
  • LaPCat – Laboratory for Research and Innovation in Catalytic Processes

And Research Centers:

  • CEPEMA – Center for Environmental Research and Training
  • FoRC – Food Research Center
  • RCGI – Research Centre for Gas Innovation
  • Tecnogreen – EMBRAPII (Brazilian Industrial Innovation Research Company)