2° Meeting of the Project “Judicial Decisions from Feminist Perspectives

On October 6 and 7, 2022, the project “Judicial decisions from feminist perspectives” held its second meeting, which was attended by most of the academics involved in this initiative. The event had four thematic groups divided throughout the two days, in which the participants presented the work that has been developed in their respective institutions.

There were about 30 papers presented by professors and students from more than 20 educational institutions from several Brazilian states. Among the topics discussed, we had rewritten cases related to family law, domestic violence, maternity, rape, abortion, feminicide, labor law, just to name a few. Days before the event, the abstracts of the productions were made available to all participants so that, during the meeting, the works presented could be commented and debated by all.

Soon, the results of these productions will be published and made available in our website.