Call for papers for the Thematic Dossier “Theoretical-Methodological Approaches to the Analysis of Judicial Decisions from Feminist Perspectives” – Public Law Journal

The Public Law Journal announces the call for papers for the thematic dossier “Theoretical and methodological approaches to the analysis of judicial decisions from feminist perspectives”, organized by professors Luanna Tomaz (UFPA) and Camilla Gomes (UFRJ).

Will be accepted articles written in English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German and French.

Within the scope of the proposed publication, the Dossier seeks papers that address topics such as: intersectional readings of judicial decisions, the use of the question by women as a method of analyzing judicial decisions, feminist practical rationality as a method, feminist methodologies of decision analysis, decolonial methodologies, the use of gender as a feminist legal category and/or method, feminist legal hermeneutics methods, among others.

For more information about the submission rules and the dossier proposal go to: