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Foreign student

Section III
About Student from Foreign Institution

Article 141 – Student from Foreign Institution, acting in Graduate activities, under supervision of an advisor accredited in Graduate Program at USP, for a period of three to twelve months, extendible for until 12 months, can be enrolled as a student for the period of his/her stay at USP.

§ 1º – This enrollment must be approved by the Program Coordinating Committee (Comissão Coordenadora de Programa – CCP, in Portuguese) and effected by the Graduate Committee (Comissão de Pós-graduação – CPG, in Portuguese), according to the established by the article 42.

§ 2º – Student in this conditions is subject to the Program regulation.

§ 3º – For stay period less than three months, approved by the Program Coordinating Committee, the student will receive a declaration that will allow him/her to benefit from the services of this University during his/her stay.

Source: PPG – USP (in Portuguese)