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Theorethical and Applied Studies on Climatology

The following themes are developed in this research line: urban climatology; climate and territorial planning; climatic variability; global climatic alterations; atmosphere-surface interactions.


Faculty linked to this research line:

  • Emerson Galvani
  • Gabriel Pereira
  • Maria Elisa Siqueira Silva

Theorethical and methodological background:

  • Dynamic Climatology Theory (STRAHLER), based on the Theory of Air Masses and Front (BJERKNESS & BERGERON)
  • Theory of Atmosphere General Circulation – Tri-cell schemes (ROSSBI)
  • Rhythm analysis in Climatology (SORRE and MONTEIRO)
  • Static or Separatist Climatology (HANN and KOPPEN)
  • Urban Climate Theory (MONTEIRO and MENDONÇA)
  • Global Warming Theory (IPCC)
  • Climatic Models

Supporting disciplines:

FLG5754 – Bioclimatologia – Prof. Dr. Emerson Galvani

FLG5073 – Climatologia da América do Sul – Profª Drª Maria Elisa Siqueira Silva

FLG5140 – Remote Sensing of Climate and data assimilation techniques – Profs. Maria Elisa Siqueira Silva and Gabriel Pereira

FLG5046 – Bases Teóricas, Metodológicas e Conceituais da Pesquisa em Geografia Física – Prof. Dr. Luis Antonio Bittar Venturi