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Geographic information: treatment, representation and analysis

The following themes are developed in this research line: graphic representations and teaching; geoprocessing and applications; geocartography; themes and methods; social and inclusive cartography; participative mapping.

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Faculty linked to this research line:

  • Alfredo Pereira de Queiroz Filho
  • Fernando Shinji Kawakubo
  • Ligia Vizeu Barrozo
  • Rúbia Gomes Morato

Theoretical and methodological background:

  • Theory of Communication and Graphic Semiology (J. Bertin)
  • Physical and Information in Geography Models (C. Board)
  • Graphical Representations in Geography (M. Martinelli)

Supporting disciplines:

FLG5007- Digital processing of satellite imagery – Prof. Dr. Fernando Shinji Kawakubo

FLG5053- Map: changes and challenges – Prof. Dr. Alfredo Pereira de Queiroz Filho

FLG5058- Space and Health – Profª Drª Ligia Vizeu Barrozo

FLG5153- Principles of Cartography and Spatial Analysis applied to Health Geography

FLG 5046 – Theoretical base, Methodology, and Concepts on Physical Geography Research – Prof. Dr. Luís Antonio Bittar Venturi

FLG 5124 – Spatiotemporal analysis and modeling of earth surface processes – Prof. Dr. Christopher Sennen Small (University of Columbia)