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Program Coordinating Committee

The Program Coordinating Committee (CCP) is the basic instance of organization and decisions of the Graduate Program. The Graduate Program in Physical Geography (PPGF, in Portuguese) is bound to the Graduate Commission of the School of Phylosophy, Literature and Human Sciences (FFLCH) and this is connected to the Pro Rectory of Graduation (PRPG) of USP.

The CCP has monthly meetings to make decisions and to establish objectives of the Program, fullfilling all activities assigned to it by the USP Regulation (Resolução Nº 6542, de 18 de abril de 2013, no seu Artigo 38, Capítulo V, in Portuguese). See the calendar of this meeting (2019).

CCP composition: All accredited professors are active members.

Coordinator: Prof.  Ligia Vizeu Barrozo

Vice Coordinator: Prof. Bianca Carvalho Vieira

Mandate: July, 2017 to July, 2019

Student Representatives: 

  • Paulo Miguel de Bodas Terassi –
  • Vivian Cristina Dias –
  • Sara de Moraes –
  • William Cabral de Miranda –

Pos-doctor: João Paulo Assis Gobo