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Social insertion

Several activities of academic extension developed by the faculty and students of the PPGF demonstrate its social insertion. Among those, stand out the following:

  • Production of educational material and activities of Inclusive Teaching, developed by the Educational Material Laboratory (Laboratório de Material Didático – LEMADI, in Portuguese). This laboratory, a reference center on Tactile Cartography and Inclusive Teaching, receives researchers from other Universities (from Brazil and abroad) and institutions of the third sector to present its research results. The cooperation aggreements with the  Universidad Metropolitana de Santiago de Chile and with the Centro de Educación Básica Especial para Ñinos Ciegos Nuestra Señora Del Carmen, from Peru, to execute the project intitled Integrando los Sentidos en el Manejo de la Información Geoespacial, Mediante la Cartografía Táctil, con Especial Énfasis en las Personas Ciegas y Sordas de América Latina (funded by IPGH – Instituto Panamericano de Geografia e História) amplify the reach of this social relevant activity.
  • The work of members of the faculty in programs of Social Inclusion, such as the INCLUSP and the PASUSP (Programa Embaixadores da USP, in Portuguese) to disclose opportunities of access to USP in public schools in order to diminish the social disadvantage in the admission process of students to the University.
  • Production of books of broad reach in the public educational system, such as the book Geografia – Práticas de Campo, Laboratório e Sala de Aula organized by VENTURI, L.A.B. and other 34 authors, most of them form the PPGF (Sarandi Editor, 2011). This work was acquired by the Development Fund for Education of the State of São Paulo to compose the collection of all public libraries of the State, totalizing 7,900 copies. Another work, of national extent, is the volume Geografia da Coleção Explorando o Ensino, conceived and distributed by the National Ministery of Education (BUITONI, M. org.: Brasília: MEC, 2010), which also has some authors from the PPGF.
  • Projects as “Soils at school”. It is an educational project that recruits fellows from the undergraduate and graduate levels to research about inovation in educational experiments for the teaching of soils, to prepare educational material and to receive junior and high school students, teachers and general visitors to apply knowledge about soils.