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The PPGF has performed an important effort to collect data from former students of the Program, mainly since 2000, to evaluate their role in the different positions occupied in the society. It was applied a questionnaire to 263 alumni contacted by e-mail, of which 90 were returned.

Due to the nucleating acting of the PPGF, alumni have been worked in the overall country and also abroad, wether in the public, private, third sector or as independent. Some indicators deserve mention: 71% of the students work in the public sector (universities, research institutes and public administration) and 30% of those who work as consultants occupy management positions.

The best indicator to assess Graduate Programs is the insertion of the alumni in the activities of their formation area. In order to facilitate such evaluation and promote the approximation with the Program and new students, we have developed activities as workshops and talks to exchange their experience in the professional life.