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Solidarity and nucleation

Since its origin, PPGF has been played a relevant role in the formation of researchers and faculty for the Brazilian Universities. Still, from a sample of 90 alumni (graduated from 2000), 41% are faculty in the Brazilian Universities, 15.5% are researchers in research institutes like Instituto Geológico, Instituto Florestal, among others, and almost 8% work in the public administration. These data allow to verifiy that PPGF still plays a nucleating role, contributing for the formation of teaching staff, researchers and public managers.

The solidarity with Universities in less developed regions of the country has been consolidated through aggreements such as Dinter-Minter (Master and PhD levels), between USP and Universidade Estadual do Amazonas and the academic cooperation in order to execute the project Análise integrada em bacias hidrográficas: estudos comparativos com distintos usos e ocupação do solo developed within the Programa Nacional de Cooperação Acadêmica (Edital PROCAD  Nº071/2013), signed with the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria and Universidade Federal de Goiás/Jataí, under the coordination of USP.

Recently, the project Ensino de Geografia do Brasil para Refugiados represents important solidary initiative and social relevance by allowing knowledge difusion and socialization of refugees.

Individual solidary initiatives include talks and workshops offered by the faculty on the invitation of Programs on the rise and in public schools. Beyond, the participation of faculty in the retraining of teachers from public schools has been occurred on a regular basis.