Complexity in High Energy and Statistical Physics

The meeting opens a rare opportunity to: understand the relations between renormalization and self-similarity; discuss the particle production mechanisms with a focus on how the quanta of the fields emerge non-perturbatively; discuss how the formalism of scale-free networks have the potential to contribute to the solution of the problem; have a perspective on the possible contributions of these theoretical frames in the physics of black holes, cosmology, and various other contemporary approaches to complex systems.

  • Foundations of Nonadditive Entropies,
  • Applications of Nonadditive Entropies
  • Nonadditive Entropies and Complex Systems,
  • Scale-free systems and networks, (multi)fractals, self-similar systems, Renormalization Group of QFT,
  • Electromagnetic plasma,
  • The bootstrap approach to QFT,
  • Nonextensive statistics and Transport processes,
  • Nonextensive statistics in Cosmology.
  • Perspectives in Hadron Physics;
  • Perspective in High-Energy Physics;

Symposium Directors: Airton Deppman; Evaldo Curado; Ignacio de Bediaga e Hickman.

Directors of the International School on Complexity: Antonino Zichichi; Giorgio Benedek; Constantino Tsallis; Andrea Rapisarda.