Book on biogas and biomethane production already available on-line

Brazil has technologies for obtaining and commercializing these energy sources, but there still are few initiatives. Book hopes to change this scenario.

With the support of the FAPESP Shell Research Centre for Gas Innovation (RCGI), Professor Suani Coelho, of USP’s Institute for Energy and Environment, recently released the book “Technologies for Producing and Using Biogas and Biomethane (Tecnologias de Produção e Uso de Biogás e Biometano), which is already available in an on-line e-book format. This is just one more volume in the RCGI/USP/Synergia series, six of which had already been published. The publication presents recent information, in an instructional form, regarding obtaining these two energy sources from urban and rural waste, and included the participation of members of the IEE’s Bioenergy Research Group (GBIO). Suani coordinates an RCGI project that studies the contribution of biomethane to increasing the offer of natural gas in Brazil.

Ms. Coelho says that the production and use of biogas and biomethane are still at a very early stage in Brazil. However, that is not due to the lack of technologies, but mainly to the conservative conduct of many players involved in the process of obtaining these energy sources and to the lack of adequate incentive policies. “There are few, but important, initiatives that still must be made known throughout the country. The book gives special attention to vinasse, which is a residue produced in enormous quantities in the process for obtaining ethanol and has immense energy potential,” she said.

In the State of São Paulo, data gathered by Ms. Coelho and her team show that the sugar and ethanol mills are huge sources for producing biogas and biomethane. “The mills offer the biggest potential arising from the treatment of vinasse, which at the moment is used to fertilize sugarcane crops,” she states. Based on the harvest of 2015/2016, the estimate is a possible production of 302,848 m3/h of biogas and 151,424 m3/h of biomethane, with the potential for generating 4,133 GWh of power per year. “The book will most certainly be very useful to students, researchers, and entrepreneurs who are interested in the subject of biogas and biomethane,” she says, while pointing out that the print version of the book should be coming out soon.

RCGI/USP/Synergia Collection:

1. Atualidades Regulatórias do Mercado de Gás Brasileiro [“Regulatory Update of the Brazilian Natural Gas Market”].
Organizers: Hirdan Katarina de Medeiros Costa, Silvia Andrea Cupertino, and Edmilson Moutinho dos Santos.

2. Boas Práticas em Distribuição de Gás Natural – tecnologias e processos para lidar com emergências em redes de distribuição de gás natural [“Best Practices for Natural Gas Distribution – technologies and processes for handling emergencies in natural gas distribution networks”].
Authors: Alberto José Fossa, Felipe de Albuquerque Sgarbi, Danielle Johann, and Edmilson Moutinho dos Santos.

3. Impacto Ambiental na Substituição de Combustível Automotivo Convencional por GNV – caso de caminhões de lixo [“Environmental Impact of Substituting Conventional Automotive Fuel with VNG – the case of garbage trucks”].
Authors: Edmilson Moutinho dos Santos, Rodrigo Galbieri, Thiago Luís Felipe Brito, Paul Poulallion, and Dominique Mouette.

4.  Royalties de petróleo, justiça e sustentabilidade [“Petroleum Royalties, Justice System, and Sustainability”].
Author: Hirdan Katarina de Medeiros Costa.

5. Uso de Gás Natural e Biometano no transporte coletivo urbano – uma avaliação sob a ótica ambiental [“Using Natural Gas and Biomethane in urban collective transportation – an assessment from the environmental viewpoint”].
Authors: Edmilson Moutinho dos Santos, Dominique Mouette, Thiago Brito, Rodrigo Galbieri, Pedro Gerber, and Murilo Fagá.

6. Usos inovadores do gás natural na indústria: promoção da eficiência energética em arranjos produtivos locais (APL) em sintonia com melhores práticas de gestão da energia [“Innovative uses of natural gas in industry: promoting energy efficiency in local productive arrangements (LPA), in harmony with best energy management practices”].
Authors: Alberto José Fossa; Alexandre de Barros Gallo; Felipe de Albuquerque Sgarbi; Taluia Croso; Danielle Johann; Edmilson Moutinho dos Santos; and Flávia Mendes de Almeida Collaço.

7. Tecnologias de Produção e Uso de Biogás e Biometano. [“Technologies for Producing and Using Biogas and Biomethane”].
Autores: Suani Teixeira Coelho; Vanessa Pecora Garcilasso; Antônio Djalma Nunes Ferraz Júnior; Marilin Mariano dos Santos e Caio Luca Joppert.