Professor from Sweden’s Linköping University looking for a partnership in biogas cooperation

He visited the RCGI and is interested in a Brazil-Sweden consortium involving biogas and biomethane studies; a new visit will likely occur in December

During a recent visit to the FAPESP Shell Research Centre for Gas Innovation (RCGI), Professor Alex Enrich Prast, from the Department of Thematic Studies (Climate Change) of Linköping University, in Sweden, showed great interest in developing projects jointly with teams of different RCGI projects. To start with, his objective would be to assemble a network of cooperation for biogas and biomethane. Prast works with biogeochemistry, especially Carbon and Nitrogen cycles.

“My research focuses on the main factors that regulate anaerobic processes related to the operation of biogas reactors, in terms of their performance. The better we understand the mechanisms that are behind the production of biogas, the greater our chances of improving the yield of methane and the reuse of waste,” stated the Professor, who is a Brazilian.

He came to the RCGI through the efforts of Professor Suani Coelho, who is the Coordinator of the only project of the institution that focuses on biogas and biomethane, and is a Professor at the Institute for Energy and the Environment (IEE).

“Professor Prast’s objective, besides assembling a network of cooperation for biogas and biomethane, is to organize a Brazil-Sweden biogas consortium. He is interested in Brazil, because he noticed that we have produced good results. The initial plan is to generate joint projects, open opportunities for student exchange, etc. After all, we are still studying the type of cooperation we can maintain,” Suani explained.

Prast gave a brief presentation on the subject, followed by a presentation by Professor Suani Coelho. Those present, besides RCGI researchers, were Professor Marcos Tsuzuki, of USP’s Polytechnic School (and Coordinator of one of the RCGI projects), and Marilin Mariano, also a researcher of the Centre and Professor of the IEE.

Prast will probably return to Brazil in December for a new round of visits to research centers and universities.