Travel info

Airport arrival instructions

From Guarulhos (GRU) to IQUSP

From Congonhas (CGH) to IQUSP

From Viracopos (VCP) to IQUSP

Public Transport


The subway station closest to the University of São Paulo is the Butantã Station on the Yellow (#4) subway line.


Several bus lines enter the University campus from different regions of the city of São Paulo.

Taxi & Ride-hailing


Ubers are available in the city of São Paulo using the application on your phone.

Other apps

Alternatives to Uber are available, like 99 Taxi, Cabify, WeDrive etc.

Hotels and accommodation

Participants (students and lecturers) from out of town will stay at the Hilton Garden Inn Rebouças  (https://www.reserveatlantica.com.br/hotel/hilton-garden-inn-reboucas)

Address: Av. Rebouças, 2636 – Pinheiros, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Telephone: (+55) 11 3531-4800

The hotel is located in the vibrant Pinheiros neighborhood and within a 5 minute walk from the Fradique Coutinho metro (subways) station.  

From the hotel, the Institute of Chemistry can be reached via a 15-20 minute public transit (Bus line: 702U-10 Cidade Universitária). The same bus can be used to return to the hotel (Bus line: 702U-10 Terminal Parque Dom Pedro II).