Topics and Program

The São Paulo School of Advanced Science in CryoEM aims to cover the theoretical and practical foundations of advanced CryoEM techniques used to determine macromolecular structures. Time will be divided between lectures, demonstrations and hands-on practical sessions given by internationally renowned researchers in the field of CryoEM.

Topics that will be covered include sample preparation, data collection, processing of high-resolution image data, single particle analysis, in-cell structural biology by cryo electron tomography (CryoET), model building and model validation. Invited and participating researchers will also present their most recent results.

A detailed program will be made available after participant selection. A preliminary list of topics can be found below:

• Historical perspective of single particle EM and CryoEM
• Electron microscope architecture
• Detectors and Motion Correction
• Sample Preparation and Vitrification
• Symmetry
• Fourier Transforms
• Cryo-EM data collection
• Contrast Transfer Function
• Masks and Filters
• 2D and 3D classification
• Conformational Heterogeneity
• Membrane proteins (sample preparation, data collection and processing)
• Cryo-electron tomography, subtomogram averaging and in-cell structural
• Atomic Model Building
• Helical reconstruction
• Validation of Models and Maps
• Data deposition and Databases
• Practical Sessions in Single Particle Analysis and subtomogram averaging
• Oral presentations from participating PIs illustrating the application of CryoEM and CryoET methods to investigate biological system
• Invited student oral presentations
• Poster sessions