Ph.D. Program in Bioenergy USP UNICAMP UNESP

Ph.D Application 2024 – 1st semester





This document was approved by the Executive Committee and by the Graduate Committee of FEA/UNICAMP (Internal Act Nº 189/2023)


The PhD Program in Bioenergy, offered jointly by the three São Paulo State Universities (USP, UNICAMP and UNESP) is opening a selection process for the first semester of 2024. The following dates will be observed:


Process Date
Applications 17th November 2023 to 10th January 2024
Preliminary results   13th January 2024
Appellation 15th to 17th January 2024
Final results 20th January 2024


Up to 10 PhD vacancies will be opened for Unicamp, 10 PhD vacancies for USP and 10 PhD vacancies for UNESP. Each PhD supervisor is entitled to have up to 03 new students.




The candidate must indicate, in the Application Form, the Institution in which he/she is applying for the vacancy. The applicant may enrol in only one (1) university.


The application must be sent to the e-mail and all the REQUIRED DOCUMENTS (PDF) must be attached.


The candidate must inform, by e-mail, the mains reasons for choosing this course for the accomplishment of his/her PhD.




  1. Application form in Portuguese or English (available at


  1. Letter of Acceptance of an accredited PhD supervisor at the University indicated on the Application Form (or in the process of accreditation by the Bioenergy Program).


  1. Statement of proficiency in English language (Annex I), informing ability to attend and deliver seminars and lectures, as well as reading and writing scientific texts.


  1. Updated curriculum, which can be replaced by the CV Lattes, including a summary of the candidate’s academic and professional records.


  1. Undergraduate Diploma (nationally valid) or Certificate of Completion of Undergraduate Degree, with date of graduation. The candidate attending the last semester of the undergraduate program may submit, for enrolment, a statement from the institution with the expected completion of the course.


  1. School transcript of the Bachelor course and, if any, of the Master course.


  1. Innovative Research Plan, in English, up to 5 pages. The text should include: (i) Title; (ii) Summary; (iii) Brief introduction, describing the state of the art of the problem to be investigated; (iv) Objectives; (v) Strategy and Methodology; (vi) Expected results and (vii) References.


  1. Two Reference Letters written by the candidate former Professor/Supervisor/Tutor or Researchers. Letters should be sent directly to


  1. Candidate for UNICAMP enrolment should complete the online Application Form on the Academic Board website – (available only during the application period) and send it, in PDF version, with the other documents requested. This item does not apply to applicants for USP and UNESP vacancies.




The selection of candidates will be made by the Committee of the PhD Program in Bioenergy, according to the following criteria:


  1. Curriculum vitae of the candidate: Academic Performance (grades, scholarships and awards, reference letters); Scientific Production; (iii) Professional Experience (5 points).


  1. Research Plan (5 points).


Candidates who do not score at least 6 points on the sum of the two criteria will be eliminated.

Unselected candidates may appeal the decision by email to




  1. Approved candidates who need a scholarship must transform their Research Plan into a Research Project (FAPESP format), which must be submitted to FAPESP until the date of enrollment.


  1. According to the availability of scholarships, candidates may be awarded a scholarship by the PhD Program in Bioenergy. Please note that the program DOES NOT GUARANTEE scholarships for approved candidates.


  1. The list of SELECTED candidates will be available at Each student will receive an email with all necessary information for enrollment.


  1. After disclosure of the result, the SELECTED candidate will receive, within 30 days, an e-mail with information about the registration from the University in which he/she was approved.









I declare, for the purpose of enrolling in the Interinstitutional Bioenergy Program, that I have the skills in English necessary to understand and give lectures, in addition to reading and producing scientific literature.


I also declare to be aware that, during the course, I will be subjected to a specific proficiency exam, to be defined by the institution in which I am enrolled: failure to perform in this exam may lead to immediate termination of the course.


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