Hands on CDCC/USP – São Carlos

The purpose of the program called ‘ABC in Scientific Education – Hands on’ is to teach science based on the articulation between scientific research and developing oral and written expression. More specifically, it aims to build up students’ knowledge by putting forward hypotheses and confirming them through experimentation, direct observation of the environment and bibliographical research, emphasizing the written record, as well as drawing personal and collective conclusions. The program also encourages interaction between students and teachers to discuss attempts to explain a particular scientific concept or phenomenon.

Implemented in Brazil in mid-2001, through an agreement between the French and Brazilian Science Academies, whose partners are CDCC/USP, the Science Station/USP, and FIOCRUZ, as well as the Municipal and State Departments of Education, the program is developed at the CDCC through continuing education courses for preschool and elementary school teachers. Texts and experimental material have also been developed to help teachers.


Angelina Sofia Orlandi

Silvia Aparecida Martins dos Santos