Clean Energy panel in the VII BRICS Conference at the University of São Paulo

Siseko S. M. Mali, Sandeep Tripathi, Joyce Mendez and Alexander Kormishin, debated on clean energy in the VII BRICS Conference at the University of São Paulo, in a discussion moderated by Evandro Andaku.

Mr. Siseko emphasized the importance of wind, solar energy, and hydroelectric energy in South Africa, and the challenges related to water scarcity. He has an optimistic point of view regarding BRICS countries, since India, Russia, and Brazil are the 3 top suppliers of renewable energy.

Sandeep Tripathi highlighted how India is committed to the Paris Agreement and demonstrated concerns about the future of energy.

Ms Joyce Mendez explained that some points should be taken into consideration to classify energy production as clean, such as affordability, due process, carefulness, information, and responsibility. Joyce gave examples from Latin American countries that can be useful for BRICS countries.

Mr. Alexander Kormishin pointed out that BRICS countries present different realities and have a strict need for energy efficiency. Despite the differences, these countries have the potential to cooperate. According to Alexander, the importance of clean energy is also related to other topics like food production and resource management.