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Methodology for awarding scholarships

Methodology for the distribution of candidates nominated for the scholarship among advisors who have scholarships

Dear students and teachers,

In this first entry of 2021, we will have 3 doctoral grants and 12 master’s scholarships available. With this we hope to contemplate the first three placed on the doctoral waiting list and the first 12 placed on the master’s. But in practice more students end up being contemplated because some drop out or choose another program. The number of scholarships is reduced because, due to the pandemic, Capes authorized students to stay for an additional 6 months with the scholarship, and CNPq reviewed the quota distribution procedure.

This year only a few teachers in the program will have scholarships. In this way, we will have, at first, to distribute the best students indicated to the scholarship among these teachers.
This distribution will follow a system that is better explained in the text that follows.

IMPORTANT: we suggest that students who are in the first places (up to the fifth in the list of doctorates, and sixteenth in the list of masters) do not enroll as regular students until they are distributed among professors with scholarships. There will be no greater damage to students because they can become regulars at any time.

The first round of distribution will end on 03/03/2021.


Galo A. C. Le Roux


I – Introduction

Students will receive the list of advisors with their subjects and e-mails for contact. They should seek out mentors of interest, who have scholarships, and talk.
We will make student information available for teachers to have a first assessment.

II – Distribution Rounds

Several rounds of distribution will take place until all available scholarships are filled. These rounds are composed of the following steps:

Step 1. Students should look for the teachers they would like to work with and who have a scholarship.

Step 2. Teachers should rank for each vacancy they have, up to three students who have looked for it by generating a list in order of preference:
– the student he prefers;
– the second in the order of preference;
– the third in order of preference.
This list should be communicated to the coordination only.

Step 3. Students on the ranking list should rank the teachers they have searched for by generating a list of up to three teachers in order of preference:
– the first the Professor he prefers;
– the second in the order of preference;
– the third in order of preference.
This list should be communicated to the coordination only.

Step 4. An analysis of the preference lists will be made
The coordination will make the pairings considering the following premises:
Rule 1. Pairing in which the student and the tutor show more interest in each other will be preferred .;
Rule 2. If there is a tie in relation to a vacancy (for example, student X placed advisor A first and advisor A placed him third, while student Y placed advisor A second and advisor A placed second student Y) priority will be given to the preference of the teacher (in the example above, preference would be given to pairing YA);
Rule 3. No pairings will be made where either the student or the teacher has not shown preference for each other;

If the round ends without some mentors and students being paired, a new round will be made.
But before making a new round:
– the student who has not given preference to any supervisor, will be excluded from the next rounds;
– students who do not want to participate in the next rounds must speak up;
– the supervisor who has not given preference to any student will also not participate in the next rounds;
– students will be invited to participate in the following rounds in order of position on the waiting list;
– teachers will be invited in the scholarship order that was established in September 2020.

Students who leave the pairing rounds will continue to occupy the original relative positions on the waiting list.

If any scholarship is released before June 10, 2021, it will be offered to the student who occupies the first position on the waiting list who will have the possibility of looking for an advisor who will accept it, thus taking advantage of the scholarship. If he does not accept or fail, the next student will be consulted and so on.

III – First Round – Deadline 03/03/2021