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Proficiency Exam


V.1 The program requires that all students are proficient in English upon entering the program. Students must prove proficiency in English upon enrollment by submitting the certifications listed in items V.1.1 and V.1.2, having their proficiency provisionally evaluated by the Program Coordinating Committee (CCP).
V.1.1 In order to participate in the selection process for the Master’s, PhD or Direct PhD program, candidates must have completed a TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge or Michigan proficiency exam up until 5 (five) years before registering for the selection process.
V.1.2 The grades or minimum scores from these exams accepted by the program will be published in the public notice for the selection process on the program’s homepage and in the Official Gazette of the State of São Paulo (Diário Oficial do Estado de São Paulo).

V.2 Proficiency in Portuguese for foreign students.
V.2.1 Foreign students do not have to demonstrate proficiency in Portuguese to apply for the program.