Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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We highlight some doubts sent to the Organizing Committee. See if your questions are listed below. If you have any questions that are not here, please write to us:

1) Who can I apply as a paper presenter?

Graduates, graduate students, researchers and teachers. Undergraduate students may also apply for co-authoring with Professor, Graduate and /or Researcher.

2-) I am graduating but I would like to present a work. Can I?

Graduates may submit work as long as it is co-authoring with a teacher, post-graduate or researcher or if the tutor is aware of their work.

3-) To whom should I send the text/ inscription to present a paper?

The texts to be published in the ANNALS of the Congress should be deposited in a specific Platform created for the event and that will be published at the relevant time.

4-) Is it possible to register by email?


5-) How many works can I send?

Each proposer may submit up to three papers, one as the lead author and two as a co-author.

6-) What is the deadline for payment?

Payment must be made immediately after Submission of the Abstracts and at the time of Registration. The maximum date for the Submission of Summaries and Payments December 10th , 2018. Students who wish to take a Short Term Course must pay until March, 20th 2019.

7-) Is it possible to obtain free registration for paper presenter?

Yes. Requests must be made directly to the Organizing Committee in the electronic mail of the event ( until 30th October, 2018. See the conditions for exemption in item 3, subsection (b) of the Submissions.

8-) When will the results of the approved abstracts be released?

As of February 10th, 2019, the results will be available on our website and the enrollees will receive an email with the result.

9-) If you have my abstract approved and would like to publish my complete work in the proceedings of the Symposium, what is the deadline to send it?

From May 10th to May 30th, 2019 a specific section will be available in the Platform for Entries for the Complete Works.

10-) Can I change the date of my presentation?

No, the timing of oral communications can not be changed (mainly by day).

11-) Is it possible to present at distance (by skype and etc)?

Unfortunately not because we do not have the necessary structure.

12-) Will a projector and computer be available?

Yes, all Research Seminars will have a projector and a computer, if the author wishes to take a presentation. We only ask you to take the presentation ready and use the event computer, so there are no delays in the presentations.

13-) Will the “International Symposium Thinking and Rethinking Latin America” ​​grant a certificate of participation hours for listeners?

We will grant 30-hour attendance certificates for listeners who are enrolled and who have a minimum of 75% attendance and also for job presenters.

14-) I would like to release my book. How should I proceed?

Those who have books published between 2017, 2018 and 2019 and dealing with Latin American themes should send an email expressing the interest to