USP Sustainability Universidade de São Paulo
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The Sustainability Graduate Program aims to train professionals so that they become capable of inserting the necessary actions to the implementation of sustainability principles in the activities that refer to the use of natural resources by current societies.

Regardless of the basic training undergone by the students who will join the Program, it is intended to enable her to insert sustainability in the activities she will develop. This insertion will have two main approaches, conceptual and theoretical, which will deal with a new way of thinking about the use of resources from which all problems must get solutions that pass through sustainable actions. The other approach is instrumental and will seek to form the student in the areas of knowledge related to practices based on sustainability and enable her to know, develop and apply new or consolidated techniques related to the extraction, transformation and use of resources.

The Graduate Program in Sustainability provides for the training of researchers, masters and PhD, with an interdisciplinary profile, for the academic and scientific systems and for acting in public and private organizations, to produce and / or apply knowledge about phenomena and processes and its relationships in the quest for the sustainability of the urban, rural, and natural ecosystems.

The proposal of the Graduate Program in Sustainability is supported by two Research fields: a) Science and Environmental Technology and; B) Environmental Management. These fields respond to the characteristics of consolidated projects and the studies that have been carried out by the teachers in their research groups since the beginning of the courses at the School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities (EACH).