USP Sustainability Universidade de São Paulo
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Research areas

The Sustainability Postgraduate Program has a single area of concentration called: Science, Technology and Management for Sustainability, which was proposed adopting an approach aligned with the classical and recent literature and presents basic characteristics, intrinsically intertwined and sustained by two research lines.

The organization of the Program proposal in a single area of ​​concentration assumes that problems to be addressed in the research lines are related to: (i) the themes addressed in the lines that complement each other (eg: environmental degradation and poverty); (ii) the need to create a common language between specialists from the careers and classical disciplines (engineering, chemistry, biology, geology, etc.); (iii) the integration of multiple forms of knowledge, including the construction of dialogue and collaboration between different areas of knowledge, the traditional local sphere and the scientific-academic sphere. Thus, the reciprocal and harmonic feeding of the knowledge generated in each line of research justifies the establishment of a single area of ​​concentration that encloses two fields.

To organize the activities in terms of research and training of researchers who seek to articulate or not disciplinary knowledge to problem solving, the program encloses two research fields: (1) Environmental Science and Technology and (2) Environmental Management, which comprise two distinct and complementary approaches.