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SAUSP (USP Archive System) and the General Archive have interdependent histories. To understand a little more about the trajectory of the General Archive, it is necessary to refer to the Archive System of the University of São Paulo, created before the General Archive, in November 1997. The concept, at the time, was to manage records in a decentralized manner, that is, each unit/body of the university would take care of its archival collection. The USP Archive System is made up of sectoral bodies (in USP bodies and units) and the central body (General Archive). After a diagnosis of all USP archives, in 2003, it was proposed to create a location as a model for the institution, regarding the storage of records and the development of guidelines for SAUSP. Thus, the General Archive emerged, in 2005, as a structural body, which carries out actions aimed at the archives in its custody, in addition to hosting and promoting SAUSP activities and issuing guidelines on the University’s records management. The sectoral bodies are the multipliers of actions in the units/bodies, disseminating knowledge and application of the actions and regulations generated by the General Archive.

Below is a brief chronology of SAUSP and General Archive:


Publication of the records management manual: USP and its documents: production, management, access, conservation, elimination and responsibility involved


Publication of the updated version of the Records Management Instruments: Classified Filing Plan (PCA) and USP Disposal Schedule (TTD). Broadcasting of institutional video about the new Records Management Instruments. Linkage of the AG to the Department of Administration (DA). Merger of the AG with the former Administrative Communications Division (DACA), encompassing the Protocol, Records Management and Archive areas in a single organizational structure.


Production and broadcasting of institutional video: “Files in times of pandemic”, in partnership with Redarq-SP. Production and dissemination of protocols related to the context of the COVID-19 pandemic: “AG Alert on the handling of records during the new coronavirus pandemic” and “Procedures and Recommendations of the USP General Archive for the safe reopening of Archive Services, Protocol and University Office Hours”.


Transparency and Memory seminar held by Redarq-SP. Documents from the Faculdade de Medicina da USP (FMUSP) transferred to AG.


Holding of the seminar “International Archives Day, Archive Management and the challenges of Strategic Governance”, by Redarq-SP. Redarq-Debate held: “Federal Law no. 13,709/2018 (General data protection law) and its impact on archive activities”. Beginning of the AG’s participation in the USP Preventive Conservation NETWORK. Completion of the activities of the USP Truth Commission. Documents from Superintendência do Espaço Físico transferred to AG.


First (official) transfer of documents to AG – set of documents from Orquestra Sinfônica da USP (OSUSP). Holding of the seminar “Archives, citizenship and interculturalism”, by Redarq-SP. Change of SAUSP.doc Bulletin’s layout. Beginning of the publication of eliminations and collections made in the two months. Beginning of AG’s participation in the cultural route of the Giro Cultural USP. Start of Minor Repairs Training (module II of the Introduction to Document Conservation training). Completion of the process of updating the Disposal Schedule and the USP Classified Filing Plan and its submission to the competent bodies within and outside the University (July). Celebration of SAUSP’s 20 years of existence.


Holding of the conference “The history of the University of São Paulo and the hiring of its first professors: contextualizing documents”, in partnership with the Public Archive of the State of São Paulo (APESP), a conference motivated by the discovery of an important set of documents for the history of the University at APESP. Holding of the meeting “Files in focus: presentation of good practices”, in partnership with Faculdade de Educação da USP (FEUSP). Availability, on the AG website, of the Term of Commitment/Identification of the Researcher and Authorization to Photograph, documents that assist in carrying out the research. Holding meetings with SAUSP Sectoral Committees. Start of the São Paulo Archives Network – Redarq-SP, with the participation of the AG.


Start of the Search Area. Start of Introduction to Document Conservation Training. Start of the Lecture Cycle at AG, in partnership with the Association of Archivists of São Paulo (Arq-SP). Start of the new AG website. Holding of the “1st USP Records Management Meeting – shared records management”, in partnership with the SAUSP/FAU Sector Commission. Provision of AG space to develop the activities of the USP Truth Commission (established since 2013).


Delivery of the 2nd part of the General Archive building. Formalization of the “Document Collection Manual for the USP General Archive” by Coordenação de Administração Geral (CODAGE).


Execution of the Teaching Memory project. Creation of CADA (Document and Access Assessment Committee). Holding of the 3rd Seminar on Records in Digital Media.


Approval of the General Archive Organizational Chart. Holding of the 3rd GEPEA (Meeting for Protocol, Office and Archive employees).


Start of construction of the 2nd part of the General Archive building. Beginning of the Document Conservation Area. Holding of the 2nd Seminar on Records in Digital Media.


Holding of the 2nd GEPEA (Meeting for Protocol, Office and Archive employees). Start of the Document Description Area.


Holding of the 1st Seminar on Records in Digital Media.


Amendment of the SAUSP institutionalization ordinance. Designation of the Board of Directors. Publication of the 1st version of the Records Management Manual. Holding of the 1st GEPEA (Meeting for Protocol, Office and Archive employees).


Moving to the General Archive – 1st Part of the building (April).


Delivery of the 1st part of the General Archive building (March).


Creation of the General Archive in the University’s organizational chart. Start of construction of the 1st part of the General Archive building. Publication of the Conservation Manual: paper and film – result of the diagnosis started in 2003.


Installation of the Technical Council.


Beginning of the diagnosis of the condition of the University’s archives.


1st application of the USP Disposal Schedule.


Institutionalization of SAUSP. Publication of Management Instruments (Classified Filing Plan – PCA, Disposal Schedule – TTD and Glossary of Record Formats and Types).


Constitution of a Technical Committee to develop management instruments for the USP Archive System (SAUSP).


Installation of an Executive Group responsible for preparing a project that would make compatible USP’s administrative practices and the procedures adopted in organizing and archiving records.