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USP General Archive meets research demands that may be in records that are or are not part of its archival collection. 

As a central agency of SAUSP, it is responsible to indicate to the requester the Unit/Faculty custodian of the records and its contact details. If the record belongs to the AG’s collection, a prior appointment will be made for consultation.

Research requests can be sent by email to the address:, by telephone (+55 11-3091-8459) or carried out at the General Archive, observing the available agenda.

Anyone can conduct research on their premises, being aware of the “Procedures for accessing information contained in the General Archive collection” and filling out the “Researcher Registration/Term of Commitment”.

Consultations are carried out by appointment, from Monday to Friday, between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.


We provide below a model of Term of Commitment/Identification of the Researcher and Authorization to Photograph documents in order to facilitate local service by the Units/Faculties (when there is no way for the Unit to send the documentation to the AG), as they provide which data to be collected from the researcher, and legal support from the University regarding the use of the information to which the researcher had access. Although such models provide services to researchers who are undertaking a master’s or doctorate degree, this information can be adapted/changed according to the situation of the user in question.

We emphasize to those responsible for records held at the University that it is necessary to be aware of legal restrictions and the nature of the information requested to be consulted, without, however, obstructing access to records of a public and unrestricted nature. We recommend, in this regard, special attention to the Access to Information Law (Law nº 12,527, of November 18, 2011) and the Decree that regulates it at the state level (Decree nº 58,052, of May 16, 2012), in addition to manifestation contact the Document and Access Assessment Committee (CADA) in case of any further queries.

Identification and Term of Commitment

Permission to photograph