The FIV2024 was organized in 2-5 July 2024. This website is no longer updated. We keep it as record only.

The FIV2024 Proceedings are exclusive for conference participants and can be downloaded here.

We are glad to announce the next meeting of FIV2028:FSI2&FIV+N will be held in Ottawa, Canada, and organized by the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories.

An invitation from the Organizing Committee

Dear Colleagues,

We are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to you for the upcoming FIV2024: FSI2 & FIV + N, the 10th International Symposium on Fluid-Structures Interaction, Fluid-Sound Interactions, Flow-Induced Vibration, and Noise in vibrant Iguaçu Falls, Brazil. As a leading and pivotal event in the field, FIV2024 serves as an exceptional platform for scholars, researchers, and professionals from both academia and industry to converge and exchange groundbreaking ideas, research findings, and industry advancements.

Held once every four years, this symposium has consistently fostered cutting-edge discussions and collaborations that have significantly contributed to the progress of fluid dynamics, structural engineering, and acoustic sciences. Join us as we delve into the latest innovations, share experiences, and shape the future trajectory of our dynamic field.

The event will be organized outside the US or Canada for the first time, offering researchers a chance to meet in Brazil and experience some of our industry and scientific challenges as well as natural beauties and hospitality.

We look forward to welcoming you most cheerfully and warmly as possible. Get your research group ready!

Gustavo Assi, Sergio Möller, Celso Pesce, Andre Fujarra, Local Organizing Committee

Important dates


Conference announcement July 2023
Abstract submission (extended) 1 OCT 2023 to 31 OCT 2023 20 NOV 2023
Abstract notice of acceptance (updated) 14 NOV 2023 05 DEC 2023
Draft paper submission (extended) 10 DEC 2023 to 15 JAN 2024 04 FEB 2024
Draft paper notice of acceptance (updated) 15 MAR 2024
Final paper submission (extended) 05 MAR 2024 to 20 MAR 2024 11 APR 2024
Final paper approval (updated) 29 MAR 2024 18 APR 2024
Early bird registration (extended) 1 OCT 2023 to 05 APR 2024 25 APR 2024
Regular registration (updated) 26 APR 2024 to 20 JUN 2024
FIV2024, Iguaçu Falls, Brazil  2-5 July 2024
FSI2 & FIV + N symposia have been organized since 1980. The more recent series, combining flow-induced vibrations with sound and noise, has been organized in North America since 2002.

Scientific topics

Papers in the general areas of fluid-structure and flow-sound interactions, flow-induced vibrations and noise, and unsteady fluid dynamics related to FSI are invited. Theoretical, experimental and computational papers are equally welcome. Conference Proceedings will be published in electronic format. Researchers and industry professionals interested in flow-induced vibration are welcome to submit and present articles on the following topics:

  • Bluff-body and near-wake interactions
  • Fluidelastic instabilities of cylinder arrays
  • Flow-induced vibration of structural components (in heat exchangers, offshore applications, nuclear reactors, piping, etc.)
  • Hydroelastic problems in naval vehicles and offshore structures
  • Dynamics of submerged elastic/viscoelastic structures
  • Biomechanical FSI
  • CFD techniques in FSI/FIV
  • Flow-sound and fluid-structure-acoustical interactions
  • Control of FIV and noise
  • Nonlinear and chaotic, deterministic and stochastic aspects of FIV and noise
  • Turbulence–, vortex– and wave-induced vibrations
  • Flow-visualization studies
  • Annular and leakage flow instabilities
  • FSI and FIV involving multi-phase flows
  • Application of smart materials and structures to FSI/FIV+N problems
  • FSI involving micro- and nanosystems

Confirmed keynote speakers


The dynamics of cantilevered structures in axial flow.

Prof Michael P. Paidoussis, McGill University, Canada
Founder of the Journal of Fluids and Structures and author of two of the most relevant books on fluid-structure interactions. In the words of Prof Stuart Price, “Michael’s contributions to engineering, and in particular to fluid-structure interactions, are far too numerous to list here. But in addition to the obvious ones, such as: being the founding editor of this journal, the author of two books on fluid-structure interactions and being the founding and principal organizer of a series of conferences on fluid-structure interactions, Michael has also made significant and long-lasting contributions towards the education of other engineers. Indeed, Michael’s enthusiasm and inspiration have been the impetus for a large number of students and colleagues, who have started their research or engineering careers under Michael’s supervision and have then gone on to have successful careers of their own. Often Michael has continued to mentor these students long after their formal education has finished.”

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Vortex-dominated flows: Can’t live with them, Can’t live without them

Prof Bharath Ganapathisubramani, University of Southampton, UK
Professor of Experimental Fluid Mechanics in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the University of Southampton. His research and teaching interests are aerodynamics, hydrodynamics and propulsion relevant to transportation, energy generation and autonomous systems.

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On the role of coherent turbulent structures in noise and vibration

Prof André Cavalieri, Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica, Brazil
Associate Professor in Aeronautics at ITA, his numerical and experimental research work focuses on aeroacoustics, hydrodynamic instability and turbulence, noise emitted by turbulent jets, studies of coherent structures in turbulent flows, aerodynamic noise due to jet-wing interaction, and noise-reduction control in turbulent flows.

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Local Organising Committee

Gustavo R. S. Assi
University of São Paulo
Sergio V. Möller,
Federal Univ. of Rio Grande do Sul
André L. C. Fujarra
Federal Univ. of Santa Catarina
Celso P. Pesce
University of São Paulo

International Scientific Committee

  • Jose Antunes, Portugal
  • Gustavo R. S. Assi, Brazil
  • Stefan Belfroid, Netherlands
  • Laszlo Baranyi, Hungary
  • Roberto Camussi, Italy
  • Alis Ekmekci, Canada
  • Katsuhisa Fujita, Japan
  • Hugh Goyder, UK
  • Marwan Hassan, Canada
  • Mico Hirschberg, Netherlands
  • Jaromír Horáček, Czech Republic
  • Kerry Hourigan, Australia
  • Victor Janzen, Canada
  • Shigehiko Kaneko, Japan
  • Emmanuel de Langre, France
  • Philippe Lavoie, Canada
  • Masaru Matsumoto, Japan
  • Craig Meskell, Ireland
  • Atef Mohany, Canada
  • Pierre Moussou, France
  • Njuki Mureithi, Canada
  • Tomomichi Nakamura, Japan
  • Peter Oshkai, Canada
  • Michael Païdoussis, Canada
  • Michel Pettigrew, Canada
  • David Sumner, Canada
  • David Weaver, Canada
  • Igor Zolotarev, Czech Republic

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