Department of Biotechnology Engineering College of Lorena

Biotechnology and Bioenergy

The work of the Department of Biotechnology in the area of bioenergy dates back to its founding when it was instrumental in the scientific and technological development of the national program of fuel alcohol, the “Pro-Alcohol”. Since then, the professors of this department have been working in a cohesive area of research that basically involves the processes of biomass conversion. Research themes include:

a) the pretreatment and fractionation of biomass components;

b) the processes of biotreatment and enzymatic conversion of these components;

c) the studies on the recalcitrance of the lignified cell wall;

d) the conversion of the components of biomass by fermentation processes, including the production of second generation ethanol and other compounds of high economic interest, and;

e) the transformation of the biomass or its fractions into composites and/or compounds of high added value.