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Scientific Initiation

   About the Scientific Initiation Program


– PIBIC (Institutional Program of Scientific Initiation Scholarships)

The Pró-Reitoria de Pesquisa administers the Program of Scientific Initiation – PIC / USP destined to undergraduate students. The purpose of this program is to promote the development of the Institution’s Research, through the routing of undergraduate students to the scientific discovery, and familiarity with the procedure and methodology adopted in science and technology. The principle should govern the activities of Scientific Initiation, being directed primarily to the benefit of students, who have in the Program the opportunity to complement their academic training, improving their knowledge and preparation for professional life. In each Unit, the program is managed by the Comissão de Pesquisa of the Institution. Currently, the PIC/USP presents three types of grants: PIBIC-CNPq, Institucional (RUSP) and Santander. The edict for scholarship application (new or renewal) is open once a year.

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– PIBITI (Institutional Program of Initiation in Technological Development and Innovation Scholarships)

This program aims to stimulate technical and undergraduate students into the development and transfer of new technologies and innovation. In addition, it aims at training human resources for research activities within the University. Like PIBIC, it is financed by CNPq, USP Rectory and Santander bank, and is managed by the Comissão de Pesquisa of each Unit. The Edict for Proposals for PIBITI grants (new or renewal) is open once a year, at the same time as the Edict for Proposals for PIC/USP scholarships, keeping the same deadline for applications, substitutions, partial/final report submissions, etc.

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– WITHOUT SCHOLARSHIP (Program of Scientific Initiation Without Scholarship)

This modality of Scientific Initiation is directed to students who have some employment relationship and, therefore, can not receive a scholarship from the University, and/or to students who have not been able to get a Scientific Initiation scholarship. It is managed by the respective Departments of the Unit.



The advisors of the Scientific Initiation Program should ask the guided students to present a 6-month Partial Report and a 12-month Final Report, according to the calendar of the Comissão de Pesquisa and the instructions of Pró-Reitoria de Pesquisa, and should keep aware of deadlines, as failure to submit the reports will result in the reimbursement of the monthly fees received.

The guided students should send the reports in PDF to the e-mail, and present a printed copy of the report, partial or final, as well as a copy of the formulário de encaminhamento do relatório parcial ou final, to the Comissão de Pesquisa. Reports should NOT be bound.